Specialist neurosurgery equipment

In March 2012, we raised £19,000 to provide our surgeons with specialist equipment to perform transnasal (through the nose) brain surgery.

These new instruments will enable our neurosurgeons to perform minimal access brain surgery, allowing them to operate without cutting through the skull and therefore not leaving a scar. It will also minimise the amount of pain the patient will have after surgery as well as reducing the length of their stay in hospital.

Saurabh Sinha is currently one of very few neurosurgeons in the UK whose team is performing this kind of operation on children. The equipment will be used in operations including those to remove tumours and will mean that patients could have surgery performed at The Children’s Hospital rather than having to be transferred elsewhere in the country. Saurabh's team has previously borrowed this equipment from the Royal Hallamshire Hospital, though new regulations mean this can no longer happen and it was therefore vital that the charity provide The Children's Hospital with its own equipment.

Saurabh Sinha explains more about the endoscopic equipment:

The equipment was partly funded by nine-year-old Owen Wilkinson and his family. Owen's family were so grateful to the hospital that saved their son on the night of 14 October 2011, they raised almost £4,000 towards this project.

Money raised at The Children’s Hospital Charity’s Daffodil Ball on 3 March will be used to complete the £19,000 needed to buy the equipment. 

Specialist neurosurgery equipment...

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