Medical Equipment

Each year we fund £100,000 of cutting-edge medical equipment thanks to generous donations from the public.

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Medical Equipment...

Sian was struggling to read her maths work on the white board at school and her vision was starting to go blurry. Her parents thought a trip to the opticians would help, but instead 10-year-old Sian found out she had cataracts.

Just six months later Sian was smiling again after benefiting from a £150,000 suite of state-of-art eye equipment...here.

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About the project

Unlike an adult hospital a children's hospital requires many different types and sizes of specialist equipment. Here are just a few examples of equipment we funded last year:

  • A Surgical Navigation Systemfor our operating theatres which our surgeons say will lead to shorter, more accurate operations and faster recoveries.
  • Two spirometers for our respiratory team to carry out lung testing
  • Two 3D Pain Distraction Units - one mobile unit and one housed in the burns unit, these will help staff distract our young patients from what can be painful and upsetting clinical procedures.
Medical Equipment...
Donating to our medical equipment fund helps us provide the hospital with specialist equipment for the benefit of our young patients


Help to make a brighter future for our patients and their families.

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