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We raise £250,000 every year to fund vital medical research aimed at building a healthier future for this and future generations of children.

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Medical Research...

When Kade Webster was six years old her GP found a lump on her chest. Kade was diagnosed with neuroblastoma and had to undergo chemotherapy every ten days for 80 days

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About the project

We have a long tradition of funding research - The Children’s Hospital Charity was set up over 30 years ago with a vision to bring the ‘relief of sickness’.

In 2007 we funded the UK's first Paediatric Clinical Research Facility which opened at the hospital in 2008.

Our researchers play a vital role in the treatment of young people and you can help by donating to our medical research fund.

Medical Research...
Your donation to research will make you an essential part of our research team!


Help to make a brighter future for our patients and their families.

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