What is the Make it Better appeal?

The Make it Better appeal is vital to the future of our hospital. We need your help to make an extraordinary hospital even better. 

The current hospital is out-dated; many of the wards were built in the 1960’s and remain cramped. The appeal aims to match world class facilities with the existing world class care, creating the best possible environment for children to get better more quickly.

We want every aspect of a patient's stay to be improved through the changes that will be funded by the Make it Better appeal. The planned developments and related infrastructure will deliver: 

  • New block (3 floors) with basement car park
  • New high profile main entrance 
  • Ground flood out patients 
  • 2 floors of wards
  • External landscaped play spaces

Our hospital is a very special place; the Make it Better appeal will help us to keep our specialist services special and the environment more comfortable. It will also help us save more lives, develop new treatments, build state of the art facilities and support our remarkable patients and their families. Furthermore donations allow the hospital to buy equipment, fund research and provide better facilities that would otherwise be unaffordable under the NHS.

Together we can Make it Better for patients and their families. 


We need your help to make an extraordinary hospital even better. Join us on Friday 27th June for Make it Better Day and help us to transform The Children's Hospital, Sheffield.